Friday, September 7, 2012

Skin Care Tips for a Healthier You

A healthy skin is coveted not only because of its aesthetic features but also its capacity to manifest the condition of your whole being. Your skin is more than the outer cover of your body. It is your armor against the foreign objects that might cause harm to your body. It is shields you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and it also plays a great role in your temperature regulation; not to mention its role as one of your five senses. Because of these, it is just right that we take a look of the important skin care procedures.
It is often said the three basic things that you have to remember in taking care of your skin are the following procedures - Cleanse, Nourish, and Protect. These three are remarkable in its simplicity and surprisingly effective. The complexity rises when you don't know how to properly do the three.
One thing helpful to remember is that skin care is basically tied to the use of skin products. By knowing this, you will have to be very careful in choosing what to use in order to avoid unnecessary mishaps and unfortunate skin accidents. Keep in mind that FDA is not regulating the products associated with skin hygiene or care. It is up to you to keep yourself informed.
Keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily follow that if the product is expensive it must be good; there is no certain association regarding price and efficacy. What you can do instead is to know whether the product is compatible with your skin type. This will save you a lot of trouble shooting.
As mentioned, the first step of proper skin caring is to cleanse it. Ideal cleaning products are warm clean water and a mild soap. All skin types will benefit from a simple washing that can be done two or three times a day. It is also recommended not to overdo the facial washing since this will cause the glands to produce more oil, thus additional clog to your pores.
It is also said that the most ideal time of cleaning is during night time when your face is at its grimiest. This will prevent any bacteria to build up during sleep and it will also keep your face refresh as your body also recharges.
You may also use facial cleansers, toners, and then moisturizers although this three-way regimen isn't at all necessary. You may want to include exfoliation once every week in order to slough away the dead skin cells and persistent grime.
The second step is to nourish your skin. Skin nourishment is as easy as applying moisturizers. Moisturizers are skin care products that are designed to lock in the moisture of the skin. It is necessary for those who have normal to dry skin while oily skin types may not need them at all.
Finally, step three is to protect. There are many ways to protect one's skin. One of the most important skin protection products is the use of sunscreen. The sun is one of the sources of vitamin D but too much and prolonged exposure to the sun's UV rays will cause skin cancer and advanced skin aging.


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